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Posted on Sep 16, 2014 11:09:00 AM

Can you feel it?

Hi there, and thanks for visiting Technophilus. We know you have lots of options when it comes to your choice of technology industry news and analysis providers, and we value your business.

Seriously, welcome to Technophilus! The project is a result of months of hard work and years of following the consumer technology industry. I hope it will prove useful to you in understanding the world of consumer technology: why businesses make the decisions they do, whether those decisions are the right ones, and how those decisions will affect you, the consumer. This website is an experiment, to an extent. While I have written for two other publications (The Harvard College Technology Review and The Beau Log, which can only generously be called a publication but which you should also read), this is my first attempt at going it alone, not on a Tumblr, Wordpress, or Blogspot site.

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Now, for a bit of background.

About Technophilus, the site

I talk a lot about what Technophilus is in my introduction/manifesto below, but at a high level, it is a site where I will provide my unique perspective and analysis about the technology industry. Where's the value in that? Glad you asked!

In my guestimations about the industry, I am generally correct, and I am eager to start getting these things down on paper so that you'll believe me. For instance, I called the debacle when Netflix announced Flixter, the subsequent stock plummet, and that Netflix was down but not out. Further, I insisted to anyone who would listen that NFLX would be a great purchase, and it has since gone on to: release original content, win multiple Emmy awards and get nominated for dozens more, and oh, hit multiple all-time highs at a factor of almost 1.5 times its previous all-time.

All that being said, this site will at least start out as a space for those looking to enrich their understanding of current events in technology in a place where little knowledge is assumed. If not for investing advice, Technophilus will serve as a place to gain additional, well-reasoned perspective and insight on the role of technology in our society. If Net Neutrality, the Public Discourse, and the role of newsmakers in our society are the types of things that interest you, I encourage you to follow me and Technophilus using the buttons along the left side of this (and every other) page.

What does Technophilus mean?

Great question!

Technophilus comes from the root word techno- meaning "of or related to technology" (or "late-'80s acid music"), and the suffix -philus, meaning "domain name available! $13.99!" The italicization comes from the fact that those two word parts are also italicized.

What about those horses down at the bottom there?

You are literally bursting at the seams with good questions! Get ready for a musy answer.

The horses have been featured in a number of websites I've built over the past year, and are reminiscent of "Sallie Gardner at a Gallop," a photo set taken by photographer Eadweard Muybridge in 1878. While the horse banner on this site is not actually from the "Sallie Gardner" series, I love what "Sallie Gardner" represents and the fact that the photographs on which this site's banner is based were available free on Flickr Commons. "Sallie Gardner" is important because it answered the question of whether a horse's entire body ever leaves the ground when it is running (it does) and because it helped demonstrate that recorded motion pictures could exist (they do). The photoset is a testament to the ability of technology to promote knowledge and understanding, and to render the unthinkable commonplace.

Okay, weirdo, but who are you?

 Exceedingly grateful for the opportunity to answer. So, about me...

About Beau

I have been a voracious consumer of news and analysis about the technology industry for around six years. It is a small amount next to industry veterans or people who grew up with Internet in their homes, sure, but even in that short timeframe, technology has become an inextricable part of who I am (and I'm not even talking about my bionic arm!). I often find myself, in discussions about technology, being "that guy"—the one who thinks he knows a lot of stuff, and definitely might, but seems kind of obnoxious for caring about it so much (there was a time when I was "that guy" for skyscrapers). I have even had friends tell me, "you should write about this stuff!”, as a sort of backhanded compliment, the other side of which being, "and stop talking to me about it." This will be a place for me to share my views and analysis of what's going on through the world, through the lens of technology.

And that's an important distinction to understand here: they are my views. Until December 2014 I worked at HubSpot, Inc., a B2B software company in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I still hold a small number of shares of HUBS stock. As of January 2015, I am working at FEM Inc., a media technology start-up in San Francisco, California. In general, I will not be writing about HubSpot, FEM, the marketing automation space or video recommendation and analytics software. If the weight of such news compels me to weigh in, I will do so while clearly disclosing such conflicts of interest. All views expressed on this site will be strictly my own (or the respective views of any guests who should ever post), and not those of any companies or institutions with which I am affiliated. You may argue that the decision not to cover such things is itself an expression of bias—I would agree, but I'd also say that I'm only one person and will not be afforded the opportunity of significant breadth (I'll aim for depth) of coverage in any case. [Also, I'd love to chat with you about the shifting nature of disclosure and bias in news. The role of news in the public discourse is one of my favorite topics.]

I graduated from Harvard College in 2013, where I was Senior Editor for our technology publication (linked above). My personal blog is also linked above, and I really recommend it. At this time, direct message on Twitter is the best way to contact me, as I'm still in a phase where every Twitter notification I get is a welcome delight.

In any case, start reading the site! The first set of posts is about Apple.

updated November 9, 2014 to reflect ownership in $HUBS stock
updated January 19, 2015 to reflect company change

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